Research Activity

Below is a list of research proposals (pending and funded) and white papers that are associated with the Notre Dame Hypersonic Systems Initiative: 

Title PIs Sponsor
In Situ Fiber-optic Bragg-Gratings Ablation Sensors  T. Corke (PI), E. Matlis (Co-PI) Lockheed-Martin
Turbulent Transition Suppression on Swept Flight Control Surfaces  T. Corke (PI) Lockheed-Martin
System Identification and Mitigation Strategy of Thermal Loads in Hypersonic Cavity Flow  A. Jemcov (PI) Lockheed-Martin
Plasma Refraction Error Quantification for Onboard Hypersonic Vehicle Tracking Sensors  E. Matlis (PI) Lockheed-Martin
Design and Initial Development of Quiet Ludwieg-Tube Wind Tunnels at Mach 8 and Mach 10 and Equipment & Instrumentation for the AFOSR/Notre Dame Large Mach-6 Quiet Tunnel  T. Corke (PI); T. Juliano and E. Matlis (Co-OPIs) AFRL
Mach 10 Quiet Wind Tunnel  T. Corke (PI); T. Juliano (CoPI) Crane
AC Plasma Sensor Suite for High-Enthalpy Hypersonic Test Facilities  E. Matlis (PI); T. Corke (Co-PI) Navy
Discrete Patterned Roughness for Turbulent Transition Control in a Hypersonic Boundary Layer  T. Corke (PI); E. Matlis (Co-PI) Navy
Hypersonic Wake Studies Using Optical Emission Species Detection with an AC Plasma Anemometer E. Matlis (PI); T. Corke (Co-PI) Navy
RDRE System Design Optimization - Modeling, Experimental Validation and Sensor Development  E. Matlis (PI); T. Corke (Co-PI) Crane
Improving STEM Pathways through Realistic Scenarios, Analysis & Design and Hands-On Experience: A Pilot Curriculum for Hypersonic Systems  T. Corke (PI); S. Gordeyov, F. Thomas, A. Jemcov, E. Matlis (Co-PIs) Navy
Development of a Hypersonic Environment-Capable Plasma Actuator for Boundary Layer Transition Control  T. Juliano (PI); S. Leonov (Co-PI) Air Force
Turbulent Transition Over Conical Nose Cones Combining Yaw and Nose Bluntness Effects  E. Matlis (PI); A. Jemcov, T. Corke (Co-Pis) Crane (NEEC)
High-Altitude Background-Oriented Schlieren System for Supersonic and Hypersonic Threat Detection and Identification  S. Gordeyev (PI) Air Force
Novel Signatures of Hypersonic Glide Vehicles with Quantified Uncertainties R. McClarren (PI); A. Jemcov, J. Powers (Co-PIs) National Reconnaissance Office 
Dual Mode Ramjet Ignition Tests at NDTL S. Leonov (PI); J. Cameron (Co-PI) Air Force
Method of Thermal Management Using sCO2 Transpiration Cooling and Thermophotovoltaic Conversion for Hypersonic Vehicles T. Corke (PI); P. Fay, A. Jemcov, A. Seabaugh, F. Thomas (Co-PIs) UCAH 
Gradient Refractory Metal-Ceramic Composites for Hypersonic Edges using Wire Additive Manufacturing  R. Billo (PI); T. Corke, T. Luo, S. Leonov, E. Kinzel (Co-PIs) Navy
Nozzle heating and cooling patterns for improved hypersonic quiet wind-tunnel design  T. Juliano (PI) Air Force