Energy Storage

Onboard electronics will require electrical power. Some of this will be stored, while other electric power might be generated in-situ. This is the focus of the Hypersonic Systems Initiative's Energy Storage/Capture Focus Group.  

Battery development needs to account for the high temperature and high g-load environment. In addition, battery weight is an issue that trades for payload and range. The large temperature gradients that affect the structure design can be harvested using thermopiles to produce electricity that can directly power electronics or charge batteries. Another energy harvesting approach could exploit the ionized air that forms around the vehicle. These and others, are fruitful topics of interest for researchers within this Group.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Panos Antsaklis

    Electrical Engineering
    Expertise: Control/Dynamical Systems, Flight Control, Guidance, Batteries

  • Patrick Fay

    Electrical Engineering
    Expertise: High-speed Opto-electronics, Sensors, Batteries

  • Prashant Kamat

    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Expertise: Energy Conversion, Storage, Batteries

  • Eungkyu Lee

    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    Expertise: Thermal Radiation Cooling, Controlled Emissivity

  • Tengfei Luo

    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    Expertise: Molecular Simulation Insulating Materials, Carbon; Thermoelectric Conversion

  • Jennifer Schaefer

    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Expertise: Thermoelectric Conversion